Location: Russia, Moscow
Floor area: 300 m2
Project time: 2 mouths
Building time: 4 mouths.

Triumph is a brand renowned worldwide for their motorcycles, clothing and accessories. Designing the perfect space would be impossible without collecting region-specific insights into customers’ behaviours and understanding what drives a visit to the brand’s store. Customers visit Triumph stores for many different reasons and the fixtures and layout of the new Triumph store designed specifically around these missions.

BUY A MOTORCYCLE. The range is displayed with sufficient space to enable customers to walk around and sit on each motorcycle freely. Silent Salesmen help create a relaxed browsing environment and Hero Bays on the perimeter of the display draw attention to feature motorcycles, clothing and accessories. Point-of-Sale encourages demo rides. A high-level desk helps sales staff to engage with and qualify browsing customers who may not be ready for a detailed sales discussion.

The Welcome Desk incorporates a message board which can be used to present a personal message to a customer collecting their new motorcycle such as “BARRYS BONNIE BORN 16 JULY” The desk includes seating for the handover and a plinth to display the customer’s motorcycle.

The Clothing Area is deliberately positioned so that customers pass the Motorcycle Display and see what’s new. The area is located between the Service Reception and Customer Lounge to offer service customers the opportunity to browse while waiting. It is designed so that all clothing can be displayed together, allowing customers to quickly appreciate the range of product available and easily find what they are looking for.

A prominent in-store reception ensures customers feel that getting their motorcycle serviced is just as important as buying a new one. Its location at the back of store ensures they pass through the Motorcycle Display and see our latest products. Customers who choose to wait in store can browse in the Motorcycle Display and the Clothing Area, or just relax in the Customer Lounge

Modern motorcycle dealerships need to be more than just a place to transact: they need to be a place for riders to meet with like-minded people and friends. The Customer Lounge is designed to make customers feel welcome, appreciated and comfortable when hanging-out or waiting in store. It is the perfect hub for dealer-based riding activity. The elements within the lounge create an informal, relaxed environment to entertain and engage with riders.